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Baby Bingo Shower Game

Baby Shower Scratch Game

Baby Draw Shower Game

Baby Shower Game
Baby Bingo Shower Game
Baby Shower Bingo. The concept is simple. When the Mother-to-be opens a gift, all of the guests check their cards. If you have a matching item then you mark it off. When you fill in all boxes either up, down, or diagonally you win. So if you are throwing a Shower, getting a Shower, or going to a Shower, you should pick up a set of Shower Bingo cards. 45 Different Bingo Cards in each set
Baby Shower Scratch Off  Game
Just like playing those lottery tickets. This unique baby shower game is fun and easy. Each guest gets a game ticket and must scratch off the answer to see if they have the winning ticket. We all know daddies have a hard time taking care of babies when mommy is away. So this game asks, "What does Daddy need to help Baby stop crying?" Is it a diaper, a fresh bottle, a rattle? Who will get the winning MOMMY card? Designed like Lotto cards. Each set comes with 25 cards; 24 losing cards and 1 winning card.
Baby "Draw" Shower Game
Need a refreshing change from traditional baby shower games? Then Baby Draw is the perfect drawing-charades game for baby showers. All you need are pencil and paper. Anyone who can draw stick figures can play. Baby Draw is a great icebreaker and perfect for couples showers too. Don't feel like drawing? No problem! The same game can be played as traditional charades. Includes complete instructions, a one-minute timer and more than 120 playing cards (for big crowds or repeated use)! Ages 12 to Adult. For 4 or more players.

Don't say "Baby" or "Cross Your Legs" Baby Shower Game
When each guest arrives they receives a plastic clothespin and it is explain only once: If you catch someone saying the word baby or crossing their legs - you get to take their clothes pin. The one with the most pins at the end of the baby shower wins. Each clothespin measures 1.25in long. Colors are available in assorted (pink 6 and blue 6), pink or blue. "Please don't try to hang clothes from these"

$2.25 (12) Color

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Baby Trivia Shower Game




Baby Trivia Shower Game
this Baby Shower Game comes with 99 questions and answers printed on white varnish coated card stock with a lavender/purple print. Instructions included.
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Baby Shower Games - Baby Bingo Game, Baby Draw Game Baby Trivia - for a fun & happy Baby Shower Party.